This company just open the doors a month ago. FDA is complete BS I come from medical and they are going against FDA regulation for putting that up.

They guys send me the wrong bed and wrong cover. Whatever they call themselves personalcomfortbed.com personal touch bed personaltouchbed.com they beds are faulty. They was a recall for the products because all the beds were losing air. This company is called American National Manufacturing the airbeds are faulty.

I just got screwed. Do your homework by the leading brand and you'll be safe.

I wish the FDA would get these company. I'm out of tons of time and money using Personal Comfort Beds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Personal Comfort Bed Bed.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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The following rebuttal comes from the upper management at Personal Comfort Bed. The partners that own majority shares of our company have been in business since the 70's.

We have been in both medical and consumer since then selling everything from waterbeds to low air loss medical support mattresses.

We have no association with Personal Touch Beds, those products appear to be manufactured by Boyd Specialty Sleep.

Our current product lineup is exclusively manufactured by American National Manufacturing and are designed and built within their FDA Registered facility. Due to strict regulations there is no infringing or misleading information on Personal Comfort bed's website regarding this. American National Manufacturing has never had any recall for beds that were loosing air.

We stand behind our products and do everything within our power to make sure each and ever customer of ours is taken care of.

It's important to us that we do so because word of mouth and customer referrals are the main backbone to our continued success.

If this review was actually written by one of our customers we invite you to please come forward and give us a call 1-888-694-4088 so we can look up your account and see where things may have left you with the wrong impression about our company.


Personal Comfort

to PersonalComfort #777748

Untrue, This has American Manufacturing on the label. This again is the worst company, American MFG and Boyd Sleep System carry the same, FAULTY air components, LEAKY air components, and SELLS old used beds as NEW.

That statement I'm willing to take your company to court on, BECAUSE you know its TRUE.

The air chamber and pump are made in CHINA.

FDA facility, what a BS statement. IF the CHAMBER AND PUMPS are made in NON FDA regulated facilities in CHINA, then who cares. FDA means NOTHING, other then then low budget company will say and do anything to sell a bed.



to Personal Comfort Bed Poor Bed #777776

Personal Comfort Bed or Personalcomfortbed.com reviews.

to Personal Comfort Bed Poor Bed #866164

Can you please provide us with your order number and we'd be happy to discuss the concerns you have with your order. We have never avoided any warranty claims and stand behind our product.

Since our company is owned by a FDA Registered medical device manufacturer we have governed checks and balances in effect to make sure we do not have any faulty, leaky or used components.

Please call 888-694-4088 ext. 2 and we'll be happy to make this right for you.

New customers who are shopping around please understand that all businesses do have upset customers, however it's our goal to make it right for each and every customer. No matter what it takes.

We will stand behind our product and our high level of customer service.

to Personal Comfort Customer Serv #976540

Just because a company that owns your company is a FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer. Doesn't mean that your product is FDA approved.

that's like saying I assembled a pen in a FDA approved manufacturer plant. But I did it in the janitors closet.... sue I made it in the same building, but that's it... this is false advertising at its best people and you need to do your homework.

There's a re as son their stuffs so cheap and their website shows.

They can't just show off their products and let you decide, no they have to disparage another company... no go for us.

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